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You're right about Sam Thayer's newest guide to foraging. It's an incredible reference, and if you can only afford 1, it's a great choice. It travels well too.

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I have ro say that my relationship with your blog is a Love/hate relationship!

I look forward not only to the blog content but the comments as well because your fans provide color, humor and useful suggestions as well.

I use Libre Office to collect my notes but I cannot get it to copy any of the illustrations as Windows Office can but I cannot afford the annual fees!

For those that can afford a Jackery 1500 it is truly worthwhile, one of my friends swear by his.

All of the products you suggest are reallly good, Some I have purchased myself.

As you can see, I am a true fan but do not comment on every blog you post because I am at my limit of superlatives and am beginning io sound redundant!

Thanks for all you do!


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Berkey PF-2 water filters in stock @ Pleasant Hill Grain

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I'm in south central Ontario. Am I correct in assuming that mushroom species that are available in western New York state and adjacent regions would be the same that I'd fins here?

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