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Practical Self Reliance has been an online resource for foraging, preserving, gardening, and everything DIY for 7 years now. In that time it’s grown from a small hobby blog where I wrote about our homesteading adventures, to an online how-to resource seen by literally millions of people every year.

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About Us

My name is Ashley, and I’ve been homesteading with my family for the past 15 years now. My husband and I work 30 acres of land in Vermont, alongside our two young children.

I’m particularly passionate about foraging and historical food preservation techniques.

I started Practical Self Reliance as a notebook, literally writing “how-to” guides for myself so I’d have all I’d learned in one place. It’s been amazing to discover that the my “notes” to myself are really handy to others, and I’ve become passionate about sharing all I’ve learned with all of you.

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